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formerly West Alabama Women's Center

Insurance and Fees

We will NOT turn you away if you do not have insurance and cannot pay.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, Plan First Blue Cross Blue Shield and other private insurances.

We provide care at a reduced fee to those who are uninsured.

Pregnancy is a health care issue and all people benefit from seeing a doctor as soon as they can. If you are pregnant we can confirm your pregnancy, obtain an ultrasound for an accurate gestational age, and begin prenatal care. If you are uninsured, this will allow you to begin the process to apply for Medicaid and obtain a doctor for follow up prenatal care and delivery. Although we cannot deliver babies, we will continue to provide prenatal care for you until you find a doctor who will take over your care if that is what you choose. If you do not plan to continue the pregnancy, this ultrasound can help you determine your timeline and options should you choose to terminate.

We will provide you with necessary medical care regardless of your past or current medical history or any other concerns that may cause other medical providers to turn you away. Our number one goal is to reduce maternal mortality in this state, and that starts with ensuring your health is protected to the greatest degree allowed under Alabama law.

Call us if you need financial assistance.

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